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                所在位置:紡織網 > 紡織人才 > 招聘信息 > 廣州市捷進制衣廠有限公司 > 高級跟單經理





                薪  水: 20000 工作地點: 遼寧
                有效期至: 2021-02-28 發布日期: 2020-11-26


                Reporting to the GM, the Merchandising Manager will oversee the Adidas Development and Merchandising Business Unit in Dandong PRC facilities.? Lead Merchandising Departments to achieve a smooth running of daily operations;?Oversee the PO development and production to ensure the operation from sampling to production;?Supervise the development procedure of sampling to ensure the delivery of sample products;?Liaise with customers, manage and arrange overall POs development and production to achieve the requirements of customers;?Liaise with customers for developing and purchasing of materials and accessories, offer the proposals and directions according to product style and pricing;?Supervise, implement and safeguard compliance requirements of sampling, production procedure and liaison issues with customers;?Offer proposals based on designing of the customers to meet the production requirements of samples and bulks;?Merchandising account management to the customers;?Prepare, plan and implement to build the development center of China business for the customer;?Any other assignments as required